Sengoku Basara – Battle Heroes

Full Name:PlayStation Portable
Genre:Action, Beat Em Up
Rating:3.6 By 33,459 Peoples
Platform:Playstation Portable

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Overview of Sengoku Basara – Battle Heroes

“Sengoku Basara – Battle Heroes” is a captivating title for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) that takes players back to the tumultuous Sengoku period of Japan. This action-packed game melds historical intrigue with exhilarating combat mechanics, offering a unique gaming experience. Whether you’re a fan of Japanese history or simply enjoy dynamic fighting games, “Sengoku Basara – Battle Heroes” promises an engaging adventure through its detailed environments and rich storytelling.

Gameplay mechanics

At the core of “Sengoku Basara – Battle Heroes” is its fast-paced, hack-and-slash gameplay. Players choose from a wide array of characters, each with their distinct weapons and combat styles, to battle through numerous stages inspired by historical locations. The game introduces a combo system allowing players to unleash devastating attacks on their enemies. Additionally, a key aspect of the gameplay involves strategic elements where players must make tactical decisions to conquer territories and strengthen their forces against formidable opponents.

Key features

– Diverse Character Roster: The game boasts an extensive lineup of characters, each with unique abilities, offering varied playstyles.
– Multiplayer Mode: Players can engage in cooperative or competitive modes, adding a social aspect to the game.
– Historical Setting: Set in the Sengoku period, the game immerses players in historical Japanese battles with a blend of factual and fictional elements.
– Upgrade System: Through combat and achievements, players can upgrade their characters’ abilities, making them more powerful as the game progresses.
“Sengoku Basara – Battle Heroes” combines historical depth with engaging gameplay to deliver a memorable PSP experience. Whether you’re strategizing over territories or swinging your weapon in the heat of battle, this game will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Tips and Strategies for Success

Mastering the Sengoku Basara – Battle Heroes game on the PlayStation Portable (PSP) revolves around well-rounded knowledge of combat tactics, understanding the intricacies of leveling up efficiently and diving deeper into the strategies that drive success. It’s a game that rewards finesse, strategy, and a deep understanding of its mechanics. Let’s delve into some of the essential tips and strategies to help players achieve victory on the battlefield.

Combat Tactics

In Sengoku Basara – Battle Heroes, combat is the heart of the game experience. Here are several tactics to enhance your performance:

– Master the Combo System: Each character in the game has a unique set of moves and combos. Spend time learning at least one character’s combo set thoroughly. This understanding allows for the execution of high-damage combos that can quickly decimate enemy ranks.

– Utilize the Guard and Dodge Mechanics: Defense is as important as offense. Learn to use the guard function to block incoming attacks and the dodge maneuver to avoid them altogether, especially for unblockable attacks. Timing is crucial here, and mastery over these can turn the tide of battle.

– Know Your Enemies: Each enemy type has its own attack pattern. By studying these, you can predict and counter enemy moves, ensuring your survival in tougher encounters. This knowledge is especially crucial for bosses, where understanding their attack pattern can make the battle significantly easier.

– Take Advantage of the Terrain: The battlefields in Sengoku Basara – Battle Heroes are diverse and can be used to your advantage. Use high ground for better visibility and control, push enemies against walls for increased damage, or lead them into environmental hazards.

– Use Special Moves Wisely: Each character has powerful special moves that can change the course of the battle. However, these moves often have cooldowns or other limitations. Save them for critical moments, such as when you’re surrounded or facing a formidable boss.

– Team Tactics: When playing in modes that allow for allies, coordinate your attacks with your team. Focusing on taking down one enemy at a time or dividing roles (one focuses on crowd control while the other deals with heavy hitters) can ensure a smoother victory.

Leveling Up Efficiently

Progression in Sengoku Basara – Battle Heroes is tied to leveling up your characters, which enhances their abilities and combat effectiveness. Here’s how to level up efficiently:

– Target Missions with High XP Rewards: Some missions offer higher experience points (XP) than others. Prioritize these to maximize your leveling efficiency. Keep an eye out for special missions or events that offer bonus XP.

– Use Experience Boosts: Certain items and bonuses can increase the amount of XP earned. Whenever possible, use these boosts to accelerate your leveling process. These can come from in-game rewards, certain character abilities, or specific mission parameters.

– Focus on One Character at a Time: While it might be tempting to level multiple characters simultaneously, focusing your efforts on one character at a time allows for more rapid progression. Once your primary character is sufficiently leveled, they can help carry other characters through tougher missions for faster leveling.

– Replay Missions for Additional XP: Don’t hesitate to replay missions you’ve already completed. Not only is this a good practice for mastering combat mechanics, but it also provides a steady stream of XP for leveling.

– Complete All Side Objectives: Missions often come with side objectives that offer bonus XP upon completion. Always strive to complete these in addition to the main objectives for an XP boost.

– Manage Your Resources Wisely: As you level up, you’ll gain access to resources that can enhance your character’s abilities. Be strategic about what you upgrade first. Prioritizing health and damage output can make missions easier to complete, which in turn makes leveling up less of a grind.

Achieving success in Sengoku Basara – Battle Heroes doesn’t happen overnight. It requires patience, strategy, and a willingness to delve deep into the game’s mechanics. By focusing on honing your combat tactics and adopting an efficient leveling strategy, you’ll be well on your way to dominating the battleground and experiencing everything this captivating title has to offer. Remember, every master was once a student, and with persistence and practice, you too can become a formidable force in the world of Sengoku Basara.


In wrapping up our guide to Sengoku Basara – Battle Heroes for the PSP, it’s clear that this game is a noteworthy addition to any gaming collection, especially for fans of the action genre and Japanese history. Through its engaging gameplay, a diverse roster of characters, and multiple modes, it provides a rich and entertaining experience. This game not only offers hours of gameplay but also challenges players to perfect their strategies and combat skills.

Whether you’re a long-time fan of the Sengoku Basara series or a newcomer curious about this historical action game, Sengoku Basara – Battle Heroes provides a unique blend of education and entertainment. With our gameplay insights, character introductions, and practical tips, you’re well-prepared to dive into the battles and alliances of Japan’s warring states era. Remember, the key to mastering this game lies in experimenting with different characters, understanding their unique abilities, and applying strategic thinking during combat.

So, gear up and prepare for an epic journey through Japan’s tumultuous past. Sengoku Basara – Battle Heroes isn’t just a game; it’s an adventure where history and fantasy collide. Happy gaming!