Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

Full Name: Pro Evolution Soccer 2014
Language: USA
Genre:Sports, Simulation
Rating: 4.1 By 217,597 Peoples
Platform: Playstation Portable


“Pro Evolution Soccer 2014” (PES 2014) is a football (soccer) video game developed and published by Konami. It was released for various platforms, including PlayStation 3 (PS3), Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows, in 2013.PES 2014 aimed to provide a realistic and immersive football experience to players. It introduced the “TrueBall” physics system, which enhanced the ball control and movement, making the gameplay more dynamic and authentic. This feature allowed players to have more realistic interactions with the ball, such as trapping and dribbling it with greater precision. The game also introduced the “Heart” system, which added emotional elements to the matches. Player performances, team spirit, and the overall atmosphere of the game could influence the players’ behaviors and decisions on the field.PES 2014 included various game modes, such as Exhibition Matches, League Mode, and Master League, where players could manage a team and guide them to success. It also featured online multiplayer modes, allowing players to compete against others worldwide.

Gameplay and Controls: Improved Realism

If you’re a football sim fan, you know that realism is everything. PES 2014 delivers an unparalleled level of realism that will make you feel like you’re on the pitch.

The controls have been improved to give you more control over the ball. Dribbling feels intuitive, allowing for precise turns, fakes, and first touches. Shooting has been revamped so you have complete control over shot power, placement, and the ability to dip or curl shots.

Defending is now all about positioning and containing your opponent. You have to think like a real defender and try to force the other team into making mistakes. Tackling is riskier, as mistimed tackles will result in fouls, so you have to be smart about when to go in for the ball.

Player AI is smarter and works as a team. You’ll see players making runs, calling for passes, tracking back defensively, and working together to build up play. Teams have distinct styles of play that match their real-world counterparts. It really makes each match feel unique.

Licenses and Stadiums Galore

PES 2014 is loaded with officially licensed clubs, leagues, and stadiums so you can experience the thrill of playing in some of the world’s most iconic venues.

  • Over 30 official leagues are featured, including the English Premier League, La Liga, and Bundesliga. Play with teams like Manchester United, Barcelona and Bayern Munich.
  • More than 15,000 players are included, with over 200 player likenesses. Stadiums for many top clubs have been recreated in stunning detail. Walk through the tunnel at Old Trafford or Camp Nou!

-myClub is an online mode where you can build your dream team by signing players and managers. Compete against friends or the COM to earn GP and unlock new players. You have full control over your club’s management.

The variety of game modes means there’s something for everyone. Exhibition Match lets you instantly play any team vs team matchup. Become a Legend have you create a player and build their career. Master League is a multi-season franchise mode where you control a whole club.

  • Online modes include Ranked Matches, myClub, and Online Co-op. Play competitively or cooperatively with friends and other PES players worldwide. Online leaderboards track stats and rankings.
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