Grand Theft Auto – Liberty City Stories

Full Name:Grand Theft Auto – Liberty City Stories
Genre:Action, Adventure
Rating:4 By 370,781 Peoples
Platform:Playstation Portable


Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is an action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar Leeds and Rockstar North. It was initially released for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) in 2005 and later made available for other platforms, including PlayStation 2 and mobile devices. The game takes place in Liberty City, a fictional city inspired by New York City. Liberty City Stories serves as a prequel to Grand Theft Auto III and follows the story of Toni Cipriani, a member of the Leone crime family. Players navigate the open-world environment, completing missions and engaging in various criminal activities. As with other games in the Grand Theft Auto series, Liberty City Stories offers a mix of driving, shooting, and exploration gameplay. Players can steal vehicles, engage in combat with rival gangs, and undertake missions that advance the game’s storyline. The game also features a wide range of weapons, vehicles, and side activities to enhance the player’s experience.

Memorable Missions and Side Quests

Some of the most memorable missions and side quests in Liberty City Stories are straight out of the movies. This game has it all – high speed chases, explosive shootouts, daring rescues, and mob betrayal.

One of my personal favorites is “Bringing the House Down”. In this mission, you have to blow up a restaurant owned by the Forelli crime family to damage their profits. You plant explosives around the building, then detonate them from a nearby payphone. The massive explosion and ensuing chaos is extremely satisfying.

Another exciting mission is “Love on the Run”. This complicated mission has you chasing a mob informant through the city in a high speed boat chase. After a climactic showdown, you have to race the informant to the airport to catch a plane out of Liberty City. Barely making it onto the plane as it’s speeding down the runway is a real thrill ride.

Some quirky side quests provide a fun diversion from the main story. Like “Cone Crazy” – you have to knock over 100 traffic cones in 3 minutes using a fire truck. Or “Taxi Driver” – you act as a taxi driver taking passengers to their destinations across the city. Little challenges like these highlight the random absurdity and humor in the GTA universe.

With its blend of over-the-top action sequences, seedy mob dealings, and bizarre side quests, Liberty City Stories is packed full of memorable moments that stay with you long after the credits roll. Exploring this sprawling metropolis and all its shady characters is an experience like no other. Liberty City truly feels alive in this game, for better or worse!

Playable Characters in Grand Theft Auto – Liberty City Stories

When you play Liberty City Stories, you’ll take on the role of various characters within the game. The main protagonist is Toni Cipriani, but you’ll also play as other characters for certain missions.

Toni Cipriani is a capo for the Leone crime family. After being in hiding for several years, he returns to Liberty City. Toni must work his way back up through the family by completing jobs around the city. He’s a skilled driver and adept with firearms. As Toni, you’ll carry out tasks for Salvatore Leone like assassinations, drug deals, and gang wars against rival families.

For some missions, you’ll play as other characters like:

  • Salvatore Leone: The head of the Leone crime family. You’ll control Salvatore for missions where he personally needs to get involved.
  • Maria Latore: Salvatore Leone’s wife. You play as Maria on a mission to rescue her from the Sindaccos.
  • Joseph Daniel O’Toole: A member of the Sindacco crime family. You control Joseph for a mission where he betrays the Sindaccos.
  • Mickey Hamfists: A hired gun. You play as Mickey for missions where extra muscle is needed.